Financial Aid Disbursement Methods


Students must complete the Verification of Enrollment for Disbursement of Funds process on GUS ( as the initial step. During that process, the student can authorize Pittsburg State University (University) to credit their account and pay all educational charges.

If excess financial assistance funds, tuition refunds or other miscellaneous University refunds exist, Pittsburg State University offers refunds to students via Direct Deposit as a free service or via checks mailed to the student’s permanent address. Students will select a refund option by 1) enrolling in Direct Deposit or 2) decline Direct Deposit and wait 10 days for a refund check. The Student Refund Policy is available on the Cashiers and Student Accounts website.



Disbursement of Aid

Frequently Asked Questions

How will financial aid pay my university charges?

In most cases, financial aid and scholarships will automatically apply toward current tuition, fees, and housing charges.  If your financial assistance does not cover the total of these charges you must pay the remaining balance by the appropriate due date to avoid late fees. 


What if I have prior year charges due on my accounts?

Any charges from prior semesters must be paid in full before any financial assistance funds can be applied for the current semester charges. 


How will I receive my outside scholarships?

Donors from outside agencies may award scholarships to students.  Donors send these scholarships to PSU in a variety of ways and at varying times throughout the year.  Donors should be encouraged to send scholarship checks directly to the Office of Student Financial Assistance (OSFA).  If the outside scholarship funds are received by the OSFA, and the check does not require a student signature, these funds are applied to your account.  If the student’s signature is required, the OSFA will notify the student to go to the Office of Cashiers and Student Accounts in order to endorse the check.  The check will then be credited to the student's account.  The student is responsible for paying their account balance by the due date. If the student intends to use the scholarship as a payment method, it must be received by the due date or late fees will apply.


My financial aid/scholarships awards exceed my university charges.  How will I receive these excess funds?

Students will enroll in Direct Deposit for the refund or decline Direct Deposit when they complete  “Verification of Enrollment for Disbursement of Funds”in order for their financial assistance to be applied to their university charges. If a student declines Direct Deposit, a paper check will be issued in 10 days and mailed to the student’s permanent address.

Prior to the beginning of the semester:

If the student meets all requirements*, the available funds will be credited to the student’s account one day (business day) prior to the start date of the semester.  Any excess funds will then be sent to the student’s account designated in Direct Deposit.  These funds should be available the 1st day of the semester. 

Once the semester begins:

If the student meets all requirements*, the available funds will be credited the following business-day morning.  Any excess funds will then be sent to the student’s account designated in Direct Deposit.

For example, verification of enrollment was completed on Monday, August 21st at 9:00 pm.  The funds will credit to the students account approximately 1:00 am Tuesday, August 22nd.  The university will send the funds to the student’s account designated in Direct Deposit Tuesday, August 22nd.  The funds will then be available to the student based on the Funds Availability Policy for the financial institution selected by the student. 

If a student declines Direct Deposit or does not respond to requests to select a refund option, a check will be mailed to the student’s permanent address after 10 days.

*Requirements for students to meet in order to receive their funds may include the following examples:

  • Completed the "Verification of Enrollment for Disbursement of Funds"
    • No academic holds
    • No prior semester charges due to the University (i.e. tuition, housing, parking fines, health services fees, etc.)
    • Enrolled in the number of credit hours for which the student was awarded financial assistance
    • Completed Entrance Interview required for student loans
    • Completed master promissory notes for student loans