Tax Resources for Students

American Opportunity and Lifetime Learning Credits 

The Office of Cashier's and Student Accounts is responsible for reporting all students' tuition billing charges, all grants, scholarships, attendance, and graduate status at PSU to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). In January, the Office of Cashier's and Student Accounts will mail a 1098-T (Tuition Payment Statement) form to all students who attended PSU during the previous calendar year. The Tuition Payment Statement will also include a brief summary of the charges and credits to the student's tuition account during the calendar year for assisting taxpayers in determining the amount of tax credit available. This statement will be available through the student's GUS login under the Student Accounts menu.  As a green initiative, students may opt to receive their IRS 1098T form electronically.  This must be authorized by the student in GUS by selecting Electronic Form 1098T Authorization under the Student Accounts menu. Otherwise, the Tuition Payment Statement will be mailed to the student's permanent address that is on file in January.

Pittsburg State University will not give individual tax advice. Please consult with a tax professional regarding any potential tax benefits.

Students and families interested in finding out more about the American Opportunity and Lifetime Learning Credits, and other education-related tax provisions of the Taxpayer Relief Act of 1997 may find the following consumer information pieces useful.

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