Details About Services Offered


  1. Print off the Exam Schedule Request form or stop by 213 Russ to pick forms up.
  2. Fill out the student section of the Exam Schedule Request form.
  3. Meet with each instructor and discuss your accommodations along with having them fill out and sign your Exam Schedule Request form.
  4. Once the Exam Schedule Request form is completed, return the form to 213 Russ to schedule your exam(s). (A separate form is needed for each class)
  5. Students must have a completed Exam Schedule Request form on file at CSA to take exams at CSA.
  6. All changes in test dates and times must be submitted with instructor approval. 
  7. On test day, arrive at CSA on time, check-in and you will be set up to begin testing.
  8. Only materials specified by the instructor or stated as an accommodation will be allowed in the testing room. If CSA has not been informed from the instructor of a specific material you have requested to use for the test, then that item will not be allowed with you until we have heard back from the instructor(i.e., textbook, notes, calculator, etc.)
  9. Students must leave all their belongings (i.e., backpacks, coats, cell phones, tablets, etc.) in the CSA office before being allowed to begin their exam in the testing room.
  10. All exams will be proctored.
  11. All students are expected to abide by the Pittsburg State University conduct code.

Students with disabilities, whose barriers may include hearing loss, motor limitations, or some type psychological or learning disability, may qualify for note taking as an accommodation.

How to receive note-taking accommodation...

  1. Students must be registered with CSA by meeting with the Coordinator each semester.
  2. Meet with your instructors and discuss your accommodations.
  3. CSA will notify your instructors by asking them to provide a copy of their notes to you or by asking a student within the class to take notes without disclosing any confidential information (i.e., identity, disability, etc.). The instructor then gives a copy of the notes to you after class.
  • Students must be in class in order to get notes, except in situations when an absence has been previously approved by CSA, EOAA, and/or instructor.
  • Students should notify CSA if they are having difficulty in receiving their note-taking accommodation.
An accommodation made for students who have a disability that requires assistance with reading exams. A reader is scheduled for a student when they schedule their exam. The reader will read word for word the questions and answers on the exam.

Assisstive technology refers to tools that make learning faster, easier, and accessible for students with disabilities.

Reading: Read & Write Gold displays text on a computer screen and with a mouse click, read it to you. You can read/listen to text typed by the user, scanned in from printed material, or found on the Internet.

Writing: Read & Write Gold has easy to use features to help you improve your writing by spell checking and reading back what you wrote. This program provides a "graphic organizer" and "outlining" features that help you organize and outline your information as you begin a writing project.


Hearing: CART

Audio/Digital Text: Books in alternative format are provided to students who cannot easily read print books due to a disability. Students who qualify for textbooks in an alternative format should talk with the coordinator of CSA early. The time frame in receiving alternate formats of textbooks can take weeks.


Read & Write Gold