Office of Student Diversity

Office of Student Diversity

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The Office of Student Diversity (OSD) seeks to enrich the academic, cultural, and social development of diverse students and to cultivate a culture of respect, understanding, and awareness among the entire PSU community.

We provide a wide range of services and events including diversity seminars and workshops; support for student organizations; celebration of nationally recognized heritage months; advisement; leadership training; and multimedia resources.

The Office of Student Diversity (OSD) hopes to be your home away from home.  If you have time in between classes, stop by, use our computer lab, read a magazine or just hang out with friends and enjoy good conversation.  We are here to help you navigate your college experience.  We can assist you with finding a tutor, recommending campus workshops and activities and any other dilemmas you may be facing.

Looking forward to serving you!

Deatrea S. Rose

Director, Student Diversity Programs

Our Office would like to provide some of the resources around Pittsburg that our students may need/visit frequently.

  • The OSD Mission
  • Multicultural Resource Center
  • Student Organizations
  • Report Bias and Discrimination
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  • Results Campus Climate Survey

The Office of Student Diversity's mission is to cultivate a culture of respect, awareness and understanding among PSU students, faculty and staff, celebrating diversity on campus and in the community.

The OSD facilitates this mission through the following objectives:

  • Diversity Seminars and Workshops: These events are programs sponsored by the OSD geared towards broadening the horizon of students, faculty, and staff on issues regarding diversity and multiculturalism.
  • Support Structure for Student Organizations: The OSD provides support services for the Black Student Association (BSA), Hispanics of Today (HOT), and Native American Student Association (NASA). The OSD assists as needed with the planning of events and programs throughout the academic year.
  • Celebration of Nationally Recognized Heritage Months: The OSD participates alongside the entire national community in the celebration of cultural heritage months including but not limited to African-American, Hispanic-American, and Native-American months. The OSD also supports many other diversity initiatives such as National Women's History Month.
  • Participation in Diversity and Multicultural Conferences: Designated ambassadors of the OSD attend various workshops and conferences throughout the academic year. These events are used to stay abreast of up-to-date issues in diversity, providing our ambassadors with the tools and resources necessary to consistently achieve the OSD mission at PSU.
  • Student Advisement Programs: The OSD strives to ease the student's transition to PSU by sponsoring events and providing services with the intent of building relationships with students. These events aid in bridging the gap between recruitment and retention activities. The OSD also sponsors several leadership programs for students, developing leadership skills and capabilities.
  • Access to Educational and Developmental Resources: The OSD maintains the Multicultural Resource Center (MRC). The MRC is a hub for diversity at PSU servicing students, faculty, and staff with a comprehensive library of books, magazines, and videos regarding issues in diversity and multiculturalism. The MRC also houses a computer-lab with FREE PRINTING.

The Multicultural Resource Center (MRC) is a hub for diversity on campus, serving students, faculty and staff. The MRC houses an assortment of books, magazines, and videos on various subjects including issues that deal specifically with diversity and multiculturalism. The library can be broken down into three main categories:

  • Cultural Heritage: This listing consists of books, videos, and magazines that related to issues regarding the cultural heritage and history including but not limited to African-Americans, Asian-Americans, Hispanic-Americans and Native-Americans. This section also includes a catalog of literature covering topics on multicultural education and awareness.
  • Self Help: This listing contains materials geared towards the personal development of students, faculty and staff. The catalog includes topics ranging from mathematic and physics study strategies to GRE and GMAT test preparation study guides. This section also includes materials on language studies, grammar and communication.
  • Reference: This listing includes encyclopedias, thesauruses and dictionaries.

The MRC Library as stated earlier is open to PSU students, faculty, and staff. Anyone interested in using these resources can check out materials for two weeks at a time from an employee of the OSD. Any materials not returned by the due date will lead to a hold on one's PSU personal account. The hold will stay on the account until all materials are returned, or compensation is received for lost and/or damaged materials.

Computer Lab

The MRC computer lab, like all the other resources of the MRC, is open to PSU students, faculty, and staff and consists of four BRAND NEW PC's equipped with Microsoft Office 2007 and network printers. The MRC lab is generally open from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Monday thru Thursday and 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. on Friday; that schedule will vary depending on student employee schedules.

The Office of Student Diversity provides support services for the following student organizations:

Full list of Student Organizations:

Black Student Association (BSA)


Our mission as the Pittsburg State University Black Student Association is to encourage academic excellence through programming and mentoring. We strive to spread and support diversity throughout the campus, and to maintain a unified community for all through acts of service.


Black student government application

Hispanics of Today (HOT)


The mission of PSU’s Hispanics of Today (HOT) student organization is to unite the Hispanic population on campus and assist Latinos in their personal, social and academic growth while promoting Latin culture by educating the PSU campus and the community about our cultures and traditions.


Leadership institute application

Native American Student Association (NASA)

The mission of NASA is to promote Native American heritage appreciation on the PSU campus and in the community through cultural, educational, social programs and activities designed to involved and appeal to all students, staff and community members.
There is no requirement to join NASA other than be persons willing to learn, appreciate, and participate with the Native American community.






The purpose of the Gender and Sexuality Alliance is to support LGBTQIA+ students and community members through activism and celebratory activities, inform the community on historical and current issues regarding LGBTQIA+ individuals and movements, create welcoming, safe, and supportive social gatherings, and support national and local inclusion programs in Kansas and the United States. 






To courageously advocate for unity of our diverse community in Pittsburg State University by being role models who implement positive change.


The OSD assists as needed with program and activity planning throughout the year.

Student Diversity Programs Staff

Deatrea S. Rose
Assistant Vice-President of Student Life/Senior Diversity Officer
Student Diversity Programs
Office: Russ 218
Phone: 620-235-6556


Nicolle Murphy
Assistant Director
Office of Student Diversity Programs
Office: 016 Overman Student Center
Phone: (620) 235-4976

Laura Lee Washburn
University Professor of English
Director of Creative Writing and the Distinguished Visiting Writers Series 
Assistant Director of Woman and Gender Studies 
Co-Advisor, GSA, AAUW, Cow Creek Review 
Student Advocate and Consultant for Student Live 


Student Interns




Nathaly Hernandez
Student Employee
Phone: 620-235-4077




Devynn Pitts
Student Employee
Phone: 620-235-4077





Coleen Ndedi Ntepe
Student Employee
Phone: 620-235-4077



Yasmeen Zabihullah
Student Employee
Phone: 620-235-4077


Pittsburg State University is committed to providing an inclusive and diverse environment that encourages inclusion among faculty, staff and students.  We celebrate all individuals and value communication and collaboration, and a respectful and trusting experience for all.   We believe in being responsive to ever-changing needs, and creating a safe learning, working and living environment that provides access to opportunities and excellence.

The climate survey was designed to help improve the experience and wellbeing of our university community by measuring how diversity and inclusion play a crucial role at PSU. Participants in the survey (33% of the university community) provided information about both positive and challenging aspects of our climate and offered suggestions for change. All data gathered by the survey was kept confidential by a third-party company.

The following report is a snap shot of the highest areas of interest/impact for our university community with recommendations of next steps for the 21-22 school year.


View Report Here