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Writing Across the Curriculum at Pittsburg State University grows out of the belief that writing is essential to a college education, that students learn how to write for their discipline by writing in their discipline, that faculty in each major are the best writing mentors for students in their majors, and that in addition to frequent opportunities to write, students need constructive feedback on their writing and regular opportunities for revision.


The mission of the Writing Across the Curriculum (WAC) program is to encourage and support faculty in the incorporation of writing and writing assignments in their courses at all levels and across all disciplines.  The WAC program supports faculty by offering regular professional development opportunities in designing writing assignments, developing tools for writing assessment, and offering feedback on student writing.  In addition, the WAC program contributes to the University’s overall mission of providing programs and services that create opportunities for students to develop intellectually through its oversight of Writing to Learn (WL) courses and support of WL faculty. As part of PSU’s ongoing commitment to the quality of instruction and educational outcomes, the WAC program takes a leadership role in writing assessment for the purpose of improving instruction.

Writing To Learn

In addition to teaching course content, WL courses are designed to enhance students’ ability to formulate and articulate complex ideas and to convey those ideas in writing to a professional and/or academic audience.  While it is essential that faculty have room to develop assignments and approaches suitable to their subject matter and teaching style, it is also essential that courses bearing WL credit give students a writing experience that will contribute to their overall development as writers.

Dr. Jessica Jorgenson Borchert

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